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Keeping Your Skin Fresh All Day Long

Posted on September 20, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Author: Sarah Paul

When your days are long and full, there would probably be no time for you to apply makeup throughout the day. So how can use still maintain your good looks all day long? Simple enough, just use the right products for the skin, and maintain fresh skin the entire day. The only prerequisite is to spend a little time on you face every morning and after that you can forget about prepping up later during the day because there would just not be any need to.

Here is what you need to do to maintain fresh skin.

Day Formulas

One of the best ways to maintain fresh skin is to make use of a suitable day formula product for the skin. A day formula forms an extra layer on your skin and prevents makeup from damaging it. Put some day formula on your hand and apply it in circular strokes over your cheeks. Then move it across your face to your chin and forehead, but do not let it get into your eyes.

Go for a day formula that contains sunscreen, and if you are older, you could opt for a wrinkle free day formula product for the skin. Whichever product you chose, as long as the quality is good, it will keep your skin fresh.


A moisturizer can also keep your skin fresh. Use a lightweight oil free product because it is more effective than the thick ones. Please note that separate moisturizers are available for the face and body. Applying the body moisturizer to your face will just damage your skin.


Hate the dark circles around your eyes? Hide them with a concealer. You can also cover red patches and other brown spots with a concealer. Use a concealer that goes with the tone of your skin, or use a lighter shade. Avoid using dark shades because they will not keep your skin fresh. For the red spots, you can use a yellowish concealer to subdue the patches.


Primers not only keep your skin fresh but also hold your lip color and eye shadow in place. Apply an eye primer on your eyelid and then put on a nude or light brown eye shade for a natural look. Similarly, apply the lip primer on your lip and use any lipstick over it. Try to go for lighter shades.

So be sure to follow these guidelines and enjoy your beautifully fresh skin the whole day long.

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